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grip-litnouna genre of novel that has an exciting psychological storyline

The Bookseller magazine remembers otherwise. In a puzzling article in its most recent issue, it refers to ‘grip-lit’ (AKA the gripping psychological thriller) in a way that suggests it is a trend belonging to last year and, if we’re lucky, this year too […]

[www.theguardian.com/ 29 January 2016]

hunkvertisingnouninformalthe use of pictures of attractive, scantily-clad young men to advertise products

Beckham in his pants and David Gandy in his swimming trunks: How ‘hunkvertising’ has put men under pressure to get the perfect body

[www.dailymail.co.uk 27 January 2016]

sad rapnouna form of slow rap music with emotionally intense lyrics

Hopsin is a kind of new rapper who has great potential, but this song just doesn’t cut it, there’s plenty other sad rap songs that belong in this spot.

[www.thetoptens.com 04 January 2016]

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