Useful CPE sites (2013 exam)

A Hive of Activities

wpid-img_20140516_122052.jpgThere’s not as much useful stuff out there for Proficiency, is there? A lot of what’s there relates to the old CPE exam, too. In this post, I’m listing websites which are useful both for teachers and students of CPE (2013). I’ll try to keep adding to this list, so if you have any recommendations of sites or blogs to add, please let me know!

The Cambridge English Teachers’ Resources page has a few activities which are useful for introducing students to the different activities.  There’s one sample Speaking exam video (Derk and Annick) with marks and commentary (not an activity, but useful to see what’s required).  There are quite a few teacher-made resources too. I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t tried any of them! You need a log-in to view and download resources. The handbook. David Petrie, the delightful teflgeek stickman, has several lesson ideas. This link will take you…

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