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multiple uses of newspapers & magazines for ELT


I love using real things for teaching English. By “real things” I mean something from real life – and not something specially developed for learning or teaching. That’s why I prefer usual movies (and not educational ones – they are hardly very exiting, most of the times,  usual radio and not “special English” stations, and usual newspapers (not the ones for ESL learners).

Talking about the newspapers, their use in class (and outside too) is limitless. Actually, if you have a newspaper with you, you might never have enough time to even open your coursebook – that black&white double-pages provide tons of material. And not only for reading.

Newspapers can be used for:

jigsaw reading (in a group, assign each student a small extract, then ask them to report on their part and put all the parts into the right order/ for one-to-one putting the parts into the right…

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